Monday, 30 November 2009

I've done it!!!!

Apologies for my absence from the blog but as you can see I have been busy doing Nanowrimo. It's been a brilliant experience. Before doing it I was struggling to write 200 words a day but somehow I managed to keep to the 1667 words a day. Of course the house is a complete tip, my eyes are red and sore like I've been living in a cave with no daylight for a month but I am relatively sane. The allotment has been neglected but is very forgiving. Now that it is over I am continuing to write but at a more modest pace of 500 words a day. After Christmas is over I will raise that to 1000.
Saturday thankfully was sunny so hubby and I finally re-felted the allotment shed roof and made a smashing job of it. It was our first attempt so we were very pleased. It was great coz the other allotmenteers were there to give advice when we got stuck. I did a bit of digging today - it was good to be out in the sun. I was a bit distracted by our car which has been unwell. I don't like thinking about cars and secretly look forward to the day they are banned (no I'm not brave enough to give it up though I don't use it that much coz hubby has it to drive to work). I wrote a couple of poems this week. How do people cope with writing personal stuff that other family members might not want aired.
Now nanowrimo is finished I am slumping a bit into my usual seasonal misery. This is the time of year my mum died (five days before Christmas) and last month was her birthday. I think now the writing has slowed down the emotions are coming to the top. I used to get down this time of year before my mum died but it was worse after. Each year it changes a bit. Sometimes bringing new sadness like when I had my son and knowing he'd never know his grandparents on my side. But then we get the Christmas tree and I fill it with all the decorations that have their own stories and I'm happy.

Sunday, 1 November 2009


This is the first time I have done this and it feels great to have some focus and goals to meet. Hurrah I've got 2,146 words so far - mean to get 3334 by midnight to stay on target. Am dodging kids and husband to keep on course but it's hard. They've disappered now and Blogger has sucked me in. Oh no!

I wasn't going to go to the allotment this am as I had all these words to write but after I dropped the kids the sun and the autumn leaves wouldn't let me stay in so I went to my plot. I planted three rows of Japanese onions - unfortunately I kept forgetting to buy garlic but I can always plant some of the garlic I grew last year. I did a bit of hoeing. The chickweed has gone mad-luckily it's shallow rooted so not hard to get up. There's loads of forget-me-nots and I can't leave them all as would lose half a plot to them so have relocated some to flower bed next to shed and will take rest home to put on top of tulips filled pots- hopefully will be a lovely combination. Keep forgetting to take my camera- real shame as there were two pheasants strutting their stuff at the allotment. Back to me writing now. Happy Nanomonth to all undertaking it.