Monday, 28 June 2010

Allotment and front garden-too hot 4 fancy title

My first globe artichoke. Not sure is I should harvest it now or wait a little longer. Once they flower you can't eat them.

As a child I ate redcurrants from the bushes in a friends garden. The sourness takes your breath away. They look like gems I think.

The potatoes are flowering beautifully and as soon as the flowers die I will be harvesting them. Due to the long winter these are going to be ready much later than last year. A fellow allotmenteer has said to plant the leeks where the potaotes were as the area has been well manured so I'll give that a go this year.

My front garden - Phlomis, Valerian and Aliums with a bit of Salvia thrown in at the back.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A late allotment post

Here's the structure I build every year for my beans. At each corner I drive in strong posts of wood to which I attach the canes and then build up the frame. I like this shape as you can easily access beans in and out. Also you get a gorgeous green shady tunnel. I am growing runner beans and climbing french beans up it - I put string acrosss the top so they can carry on climbing across the top and form a roof.
This picture of the potatoes was taken about a month ago and it's amazing how much they have grown since. They are also flowering.
I'm having one of those days. Do you get them? It feels like you've been turned inside out and any sad news you hear feels like it is drawing blood. I know you can find reasons for wars but when you break it down to what it is, it seems so incredible that we behave in this way. I honestly hope they'll be a day when it will un-understandable.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Whey heyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last month I posted my disappointment at leaving it too late to get Latitude Festival tickets. This afternoon I got a phone call telling me that my entry saying why I deserved Latitude tickets had won!!!!!!! My entry was a poem. And there's more. They liked my poem so much they want me to write another reviewing the festival which will also be published in the local paper. Hoorah ! Hoorah! I get tickets and I get to have poetry in the local paper.
How's your day been?