Monday, 28 June 2010

Allotment and front garden-too hot 4 fancy title

My first globe artichoke. Not sure is I should harvest it now or wait a little longer. Once they flower you can't eat them.

As a child I ate redcurrants from the bushes in a friends garden. The sourness takes your breath away. They look like gems I think.

The potatoes are flowering beautifully and as soon as the flowers die I will be harvesting them. Due to the long winter these are going to be ready much later than last year. A fellow allotmenteer has said to plant the leeks where the potaotes were as the area has been well manured so I'll give that a go this year.

My front garden - Phlomis, Valerian and Aliums with a bit of Salvia thrown in at the back.


  1. That's a wonderful splash of colours in your front garden. Gosh, you have a bountiful harvest of potatoes. Throw some this way!!

  2. did you catch that potato?? thanks:)