Saturday, 24 October 2009

Poetry and potatoes.

I'd put potatoes on my new plot as they involve a lot of digging opportunities to come across and pull out bindweed. It always amazes me how bindweed can regrow from any tiny bit of root left in the ground. My potatoes did have more scab than I've ever seen but it was a dry summer and i didn't water them . One of the old hands told me that there often is a lot of scab in ground uncultivated for ages. As the scab is only skin deep and does not affect the potato I'm not too concerned. Have not been to allotment for few days as son's birthday party preps took over and the accompanying panic over somehow inviting 17 kids to our small roomed house. it passed very well thanks to my sister. The kids loved it. I loved their dancing.
I went to a poetry reading locally which involved 4 published poets reading from the floor then people were invited to read from the floor. This was the second time I had read from the floor and it was worse than the first time. I could hear my voice tremble and had to slow down which was good as I often race through my poems wanting to finish asap. I got a great round of applause and two of the published poets said what a v good poem it was. Members of the audience also gave me very positive feedback. I have been walking on air.


  1. Sorry about the bindweed, But BRAVA!!! for reading from the floor. Keep doing it - the experience will make the experience easier.

  2. cheers Martha - I will keep doing it as I'd like to do it without my voice wobbling.

  3. hurray for your reading...
    I've decided not to grow potatoes on my allotment. I have tonnes of bindweed, and have been pulling out metres and metres of the stuff...

  4. thanks Annie!
    Sorry about all the bindweed. I get a strange pleasure from finding and pulling out the bindweed though it's starting to wear thin. Potatoes do take up a lot of space so prob good move. happy digging.

  5. So much to catch up on...missed so much. Speaking in public is very hard to do, but even harder when you are reading your own Poetry, so WELL DONE to you. Big hugs. Love ya

  6. thanks Tina - can't wait to see you. x x x x