Saturday, 12 December 2009

allotment pictures and friend's bonfire

I know you're supposed to chop off the fennel seed heads otherwise you end up with loads of seedling growing all over the place but they just looked too pretty to cut so I left them along with the sunflower. I did collect some of the sunflower seeds and gave some to my god daughter who can't wait to have sunflowers next year.

Here's a bit of digging I did the other week. Very enjoyable being out in the sun working.

My friends built this lovely fire. The kids were hypnotised by it.
They gave us a lovely lunch too - felt like body and soul fed. Bonfires bring back memories of fires made with my mum.

Fire behind mahonia.


  1. Lovely :)

    I like the fennel heads too

  2. I like fennel heads too - in marinated herring.

    Nice to hear from you. I've been wondering what you were up too.

  3. thanks Rachel:)
    that sounds tasty Martha - you're making me hungry:) Nanowrite took over November but it was worth it.

  4. beautiful, I aspire to have my allotment looking like yours. I love your blue bench

  5. thanks Annie:) aren't we lucky having allotments!

  6. Lovely. There's something so magical about a bonfire.

  7. Yes I agree they are magical. I'm not that good at making them though so it's great when these friends have a bonfire.