Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Tuesday- Walk Day

Yesterday for our walk we visited Myddleton House. The snowdrops, crocuses and snowflakes(?) were out. I'm not sure if this picture is of a snowflake but am guessing it is.

EA Bowles created the garden at Myddleton House and raised many unusual plants there. You can find various plants still for sale that he was responsible for breeding.

I love this bit that is carpeted with snowdrops this time of year. In the summer it has a blue carpet of geraniums alive with insects.

Bowles introduced many different varieties of snow drops here - the ones that stopped me had large flowers edged in green.

A pheasant joined us for our walk for a while - sorry no photo.

Then we went to Forty Hall for lunch. Perfect day!

I think this would make a lovely design for material for a skirt. Any takers?

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