Friday, 16 April 2010

Allotment and garden

Hubby was available for digging so I took full advantage. He dug three trenches like this one. We covered the potatoes with a generous helping of well rotted stable manure and then backfilled the trench with soil.

The following day I dug two more so now we have five rows of potatoes. I'm growing Desiree (maincrop) and Charlotte (second earlies). They are both waxy potatoes as I love that kind.

The forsythia in our garden seems brighter this year or it is just all the sunshine it is reflecting. I didn't bother trimming off the shoots from the trunk and it looks much better messier. Quivering stems shooting up and down.

Ribes has a scent of currants. These flowers will be over soon but I have some delicate tulips underneath to take over the show.

Chinodoxa I believe.

The hellebores are still flowering quietly, heads down like they do.
Finally I've managed to get fritillaria to grow in my garden- pictures soon hopefully. I have the delicate snake skin ones that have a checked pattern on them as well as the Fritillaria Imperialis which has regally raised its grand crowned head but the orange flowers have not quite opened yet.


  1. How interesting, My chinodoxa is also blooming clear across the world. Cool.

  2. Lovely photos - lovely garden. Here the land is just about recovered form 3 months of heavy snow cover. At work, Loona Manor Inn the window sills in the main assembly room are covered with tanks of sprouting seeds. I'm only growing Basil at home this years as I'll be working out there much of the time.
    Isn't spring wonderful!

  3. Beyond the garden - how lovely that we are sharing a bloom.

    Martha - Yes spring is wonderful - glad you have lots of lovely sprouting seedlings.