Thursday, 20 May 2010

Garden shots

I don't know the name of this flower but it looks like some sort of daisy. It's rising out of a cushion of Euphorbia.


The first rose of this year - it smells heavenly

One of my salvias - the leaves smell like black currant -gorgeous.

Epimedium - these love shade. The leaves gain and lose red durung the year. I love watching them change.

Clematis montana that has carpeted my fence (will post photo of the whole length of it soon) and orange honeysuckle.

Erythronium - so delicately beautiful. Shade loving. They don't last long but they are worth it.

And finally yippee the peonia that my Mum gave me from her garden that I moved to our flat and then to this house but this is the first year it's flowered here. All previous years the buds were black and dropped off. Hoorah! My five year old daughter took this photo.


  1. Gorgeous. Especially the peony. I adore them but have never had the courage to grow them as they look as if they need care.

    Great photo from one so young too:-)

  2. Lane
    I think you just have to make sure you plant the tubers just under the surface no deeper - other than that they aren't fussy. My daughter took a fab photo of her grandmother today. lovely to see you.

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