Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Admitting defeat

Finally I have had to admit defeat. I will never finish this book which I won from Annie's fab blog. Annie described it as too cerebral - I now know what she meant. This book is all head and no heart. The authors dimiss us all as only ever showing kindness to children. Natural disasters summon up all sorts of support near and far -this did not seem to be addressed but then I only got half way through the book so maybe they did. As I did not finish it (it's a very slim volume too!) it would be unfair for me to comment further. I will pass the book on to the runner up and hope she fares better.
Thanks to Annie for the competition - it's always good to try something you wouldn't normally read.


  1. Life's too short to slog through a book you're not enjoying. There are too many more just waiting to be read.

  2. I would love it if you would write a review of it on I write reviews there and publish other people's reviews (the most recent one is a youth reader's review.) I'm just getting started but am trying to have unique books included as this one seems to be. I want to be sure that it includes books people don't like, not just ones everyone likes. My next stop on this computer is A River of Stones. Thanks for the inspiration.