Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Autumn days

Had the most gorgeous day at the allotment today. The site is surrounded by mature trees and amongst mainly green were spaced firecrackers of yellowy red. I planted my red onion sets and did some weeding.
Before I started I noticed G on the other plot seemed to be trimming his artichokes worried that there was another job that needed doing I asked him. He told me that you can pull the new stalks near parent plant (use medium sized ones) and trim and pull out stringy bits then boil in water with lemon juice. Once cooked drain then roll in flour and fry in olive oil. The water you've drained off can be drunk - it''s meant to be good for your liver. I forgot to buy lemon so haven't tried making it yet.
I did a spot of digging in the old french beans ( the roots are really good for the soil as they are nitrogen fixers and the rest of the plant helps loosen the clay soil we have).
I had a cup of hot chocolate and a sandwich with bread I baked that rose really well this time.
I felt so rested from being outside all day.


  1. The artichoke juice drink is fascinating. The things you learn.

    Glad you had a good hearty day outside.

  2. how lovely to see you here. Yes it was a lovely day thanks. I still haven't tried making it. The kids have already been disgusted many times this week by my cooking so couldn't face it. have a lovely weekend.