Monday, 18 April 2011

Planting and poetry

Crouching down low to use a trowel to make drills made me smile. Maybe because it felt like planting hope. My daughter helped me sow beetroot seeds or 'tiny stones' as she called them. I took my daughter home then went back to the allotment and dug a trench for Charlotte potatoes. Then I sowed kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli parthenon, iceberg lettuce, parsley and rocket. A guy who has an immaculate plot stopped by to give me a yellow courgette he'd grown from seed and told me how good my plot was looking and said to keep up the good work. It made me see how much I'd done instead of worrying about all the stuff I haven't done yet. My broad beans have germinated - so exciting! I usually plant them in November but planted them late so I was very glad to see they had germinated. Our local mayor staged an exhibition of portraits of poets by Peter Edwards in the council chamber and invited a few poets to read including me. I felt quite intimidated by the chamber as it looked like a court room but I loved performing. Got such an amazing buzz. We read surrounded by paintings of Carol Ann Duffy, Penelope Shuttle, Peter Redgrove, Wendy Cope to name a few. Happy planting everyone!


  1. Great expectations from your plants:) Hope the other elements will help them flourish.
    Glad you read your poem, can only feel better with successive readings.

  2. thanks Keats the sunshine girl!

  3. Well done for getting all this planted. I'm like you, I have been worried about all the things I haven't planted yet, rather than the things I have. The weather has been awful this weekend and I had hopes to get a lot into the ground... but it will wait til next week! fingers crossed everything grows x

  4. Hi Annie
    wishing you a good weather weekend. We've had so little rain the ground is getting rock hard! i want to get my french beans in but I haven't had time this week but soon I will.