Sunday, 27 May 2012

I have started writing in the mornings. I was worried that my kids would wake up and I wouldn't be able to gain any time on my own with my novel. But they are sleeping, I have written a little and now I am blogging - the power of the internet to distract. Yesterday we all went to Kew gardens and my daughter worked out for me that I had been coming there for 25 years. I felt such a pull to be there yesterday and now I feel like something that was down to critical level in me has been topped up.
In the late evening I went to the allotment with a wheelbarrow full of courgettes and cucumbers I'd raised from seed to plant outside. I hope I haven't been too hasty and that they will be struck down by frost. I might stick some seed in the ground to be on the safe side. As I wheeled through the allotment I stopped by my mate's plot. He's in hospital and coz I missed him I stopped to pull up his weeds.
It was late but there were two other people there. I dug pockets three feet apart (think it should have been 4 but needs must) for my stuff and put well- rotted manure in them then i tipped a watering can of water into each pocket. Once the water drained away I planted my seedlings into them. One of the cucumber plants already had tiny cucumbers on it but I had twisted the stalk- i hope I haven't killed it. I did Passandra cucumbers as they aren't bitter. Planted all my courgettes, one butternut squash and cucumbers. What's the best way for transporting the seedlings without getting them all twisted up?
This morning I reached 15,000 of my rewrite!!! Need to sort out a decent camera and start posting photos again. I haven't got on with the panasonic lumix. Zoom is jammed - have tried all the tips on the internet to no avail.
Enjoy the sun - happy writing and gardening.

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