Tuesday, 25 September 2012

25th September 28, 319 words @ 11.07am. Will try for another 700 words later.
The forecast said rain so I had geared myself up for staying in and writing all day but it's sunny so it would be criminal not to go outside. I've still got a couple of rows of potatoes to dig up. I might as well have a look at my carrots too. The parsnips are best left till a dose of frost sweetens them. We've had loads of raspberries this year which my friends and their kids love so that's good coz I don't fancy making jam and need a break from smoothies. We did make some lovely icecream with the blackcurrants and raspberries.
I'm starting to miss Ukraine. We didn't go last year and when I haven't been for a while this yearning starts to rise. Weird really because before '99 I'd never been there or met any of the family but now it feels like it's always been home.
Have made Fridays the day for sending out poems to magazines. It's Acumen this week.

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