Thursday, 30 July 2009

Recharging my batteries

Spent five days with my family at my in-laws. Very relaxing no cooking, cleaning just relaxing. Have been back home for a few days and have managed not to run around like a headless chicken. Son seems to have warmed greatly to the allotment and is happy to spend hours digging one great big hole. Though he wasn't quite so happy today when his sister started trying to fill it. I'm glad I understand now that the role of the little sister is to irritate. Harvested loads of french beans today. I will blanche them for two minutes,drain, put cold water on them,drain again and spread them on baking trays to put in freezer. Once they are frozen I will bag them. I spread them on trays first as otherwise they end up all stuck together and difficult to use. We have loads of courgettes too so they are finding their way into all sorts of dishes. Neighbour at allotment let our kids harvest their blackberries. They had great fun getting their fingers all red and sticky and they got a fair amount of fruit too! I made a apple and blackberry crumble - yum. Harvested some more onions and garlic and have more potatoes to dig up. The potatoes - called Charlotte are delicious yellow waxy ones. The cucumbers have done well and the kids love them we have long ones and round yellow ones. I must take some photos. We've had a few tomatoes but most of them are still green though some are bright yellow. I didn't buy any yellow ones but it must have the wrong label as they don't look like they'll ever go red. Lettuce is good too as is my lone kale plant. It's a busy and happy time at the allotment.


  1. Happy harvesting! I have just started a small plot in my garden growing veggies tho the garden is pretty big . It has more decorative plants than food plants. Enjoy !

  2. enjoy growing your veg!!! lovely to have them growing outside your door.

  3. It all sounds lovely. I have 10 little-ish still green tomatoes. I wonder if they will turn red. If they do, I can't decide whether to eat them or have them encased in plastic.

  4. Hey Son, Allotment sounds fantastic...Learnt a big lesson...growing my brussells...caterpillars get VERY hungry. As much as I wanted to help the butterfly population I also wanted some sprouts! Still have green toms too, slowly they are turning red. Have grown some chillis too, impressed myself!
    Been in touch soon my lovely.xxxxxxx

  5. Martha - with the sun you have been getting hopefully your tomatoes will turn red soon. you made me laugh about getting them encased.
    Tina- have you got a picture of your balcony? I should have warned you about the caterpillars - they are amazing. Chillis - wow!
    see you soon. welcome any time or can pop to you whatever you fancy. xxx