Monday, 28 September 2009

thanks - I've been tagged!!

It's a great honour to be tagged by Leatherdykeuk

I've never been tagged before.

The "Your Blog is Fabulous!" Award stands for: Integrity. Commitment to Excellence. Stubbornly Optimistic.

The Rules:List five current obsessions:

1. My allotment - digging and weeding. I get excited when I pull a bundle of bindweed roots out of the earth.
2. Writing. I have many poems at different stages of completion. I have lots of notebooks but for some reason seem to end up writing on the back of old envelopes. I also have a novel in progress that i've ignored for a while but it's not going away.
3.Tea - I'm drinking an awful lot of it out of my favourite mug (I have 2nd and 3rd favourites too incase 1st not available)
4. China or porcelain plates. Even the kids eat off them- visiting mums look anxious but if they break they break.
5. Crystal glasses. I love the way they sound when you ping them and how they look as delicate as slivers of ice.

I love all the blogs I follow so please take up this tag if you wish.


  1. Congrats on your award!

    I feel the same way about nice china. I love it, but can't be too precious about it.

    And tea ... aah tea:-)

  2. I love my garden, though not the weeds. I write on bits of paper also! I love beautiful dishes. Just LOVE 'em!

  3. I forgot to mention congrats on the award, and LOVE the banner picture. Looks magical!

  4. Lane - Thanks for popping by so nice to see you. good not being precious about china - i don't think i could enjoy it if i was.

    The things we carried- thanks for visiting ,glad you like the banner picture. The leaves started rustling as I took it and i was worried that it would ruin the shot but it made it more beautiful. I like it that you write on bits of paper too.