Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Novel waiting

Not bonfire making weather so I'm here with my novel. I started it two years ago and got up to 63000 words thanks to Nanowrite. I managed to succesfully ignore it for a good six months but then the main character started popping back into my head. I ignored her and carried on editing my poems and writing some new ones. But she was still there waiting. Then I read the title of the course I'm attending through the Poetry School (I'm not good on headlines or titles) which is Poetry AND Prose. So I took along the beginning of my rewritten chapter hoping that it would be shot down, that I would be told it's not worth pursuing- just concentrate on the poetry. But I wasn't.
I felt silly when I read it out to the group- I realised what I couldn't see when it was just written down. I'd edited out some of the back story and therefore some of the meaning and I jumped around more than I realised. I did however use dialogue successfully to suggest the story. That made me really happy as I have always had trouble with dialogue. There's no excuses, apparently I have a story worth telling so more prevaricating .....
Maybe I will post my word count here
ok here goes - so far 2,357. Is 3,000 words a good number for a chapter?
I'm listening to
Pierre Henry's Paroxysms and I've started a short story to it. I like it though it's well weird.

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