Thursday, 26 January 2012

Poetry news

Today I was meant to be working but the ground was too wet. It's a quiet time of year for me which is good as it means I can get on with writing. However some days the small tasks expand and squeeze out all the writing time. I am being disciplined today - armed with a list I stayed on track.
I am writing a synopsis of my first and second chapters and then will put them aside to bubble and brew before I continue rewriting.
I had some lovely poetry news the other day. Carol Ann Duffy is coming to my quiet bit of London. I have been asked to put forward one of my poems to read on the night. YIPPEE.
I saw a beautiful double rainbow today it spurred me onto my bike and I had a ride along the brook not far from my house.


  1. what a lovely positive blog, love the photos!

  2. Thanks Annie. I've missed having the photos on my blog. It was good to do them again.