Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Beginning to harvest

Yesterday I harvested some more lettuce- I have grown three different kinds. The red ones look gorgeous against the lime coloured ones. There was one solitary tiny cucumber so I ate it - delicious. Currants aren't very plentiful but we did treat them badly when they were given to us so are grateful that they are alive and have produced anything. Picked our first courgettes - forgot to tell hubby. The baby ones are lovely can even eat them raw. Today I found out I'd won a pair of tickets for the Latitude festival- very excited. The last thing I'd won before that was an egg rack. Have been picking and using onions from allotment and also more potatoes. Am digging up potatoes as I need them. When all their foliage dies back it will be time to dig them all out as otherwise the slugs might get them. Carrots are still tiny and will need thinning out to let the remaining ones have enough room to grow bigger. Had meeting last night to find out daughters first teacher's name. So it's real my baby's going to school.Boo hoo.


  1. Lucky you winning Latitude tickets! I went last year and it was great. Even the pink sheep.
    I blogged about it, pink sheep photo and all:-)

  2. Look at it this way - everything you've planted and nurtured is growing big and strong and healthy -
    even / especially your daughter - a green thumb indeed.

  3. Lane - I read your blog about Latitude am looking forward to it. though your bit about missing the writers you wanted to see sounds prophetic of my visit. lovely phot of pink sheep.
    Martha- thank you for your lovely words very helpful in assisting me adjusting to new stage in our lives.