Saturday, 13 June 2009

A day of two halves

I had a lovely afternoon at my poetry workshop. It's brilliant for getting feedback on work. It's a really good group as they don't just say 'that's lovely' but point out bits that don't work and offer solutions. Unfortunately I returned home to find out someone had nicked our ipod and cameras while I was out (kids and hubby in house at the time-they saw nothing which is good). On the course the tutor had by coincidence said that when stuff was taken from her she always rationalised that the thief needed the things more than her. Well I hope they put it to good use. Anyway that's why there are no photos - plus can't work out how to attach existing ones on new laptop. I took some friends to the allotment the other day - one friend hates all creepy crawlies but she did well. But then she did say she was going to shower and change all her clothes when she got home. At least she stayed an hour - it's progress.

My dwarf french beans have germinated -hurrah - I love them! I put in my leeks last week - can't remember if I've told you already. They had all sprouted like blades of grass in a pot -the next stage is to plant them out. You make a hole 15cm deep and about 10cm apart with a fat dibber then drop a blade of leek in each hole. Even at this tiny size the leeks give off their instantly recognisable pungent smell. You don't fill soil in around them but instead fill each hole with water.
While we were sulking around in the garden my daughter found stag beetle. Amazing creatures-took a photo on my phone but have no idea how to download from it. A nice gift.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the workshop. Good feedback means you can make progress:)
    Sorry to hear about the loss of the ipod and camera. That's really ucks!!
    Enjoy your dwarf beans and the gardening.

  2. Well your tutor is a nicer person than me. I'd be fuming at the toerags.

    I wish I'd grown beans this year. Instead i have rampant brussels, way too many carrots and some weedy onions. There are some other things too which I think may be cabbages. Oh and tomatoes. I'm looking forward to those.

    Glad you enjoyed the workshop. Constructive feedback is invaluable.

  3. Keats the sunshine girl - thanks for encouragement. yes it was very horrible.
    Lane- I'm not as nice as my tutor though just feel very sad. Was getting very angry when I thought they'd nicked my son's bike helmet but we are so messy that we found it. Cameras had photos on them - thankfully downloaded them recently.

    I'm sure you'll get through the carrots quicker than you think . glad you have brussels they get a very bad press.