Friday, 10 April 2009

more garden pics

I had nearly given up on this rhododendron. It had no flowers last year but this year has four. The buds look an intense pink then open out into the most delicate white/pale pink gossamer-looking flowers. When I left my job I was told to take any of the plants as the site was getting closed down (remember Tina you helped me with the plants?) and this is one of the plants I took.

We moved the plum tree from its too small pot and put it in the ground. It survived and has blossom. Hopefully there won't be a frost like last year to destroy them before they have the change to turn into fruit.

Update on Clematis montana outside my kitchen window. The once looking dead twigs are covered in leaves and buds.

Been away for a few days- lovely to come back to the garden and to hear lots of drunk bees buzzing around. Hope you all had a good Easter.


  1. Isn't it satisfying when you 'save'a plant?! Looks like your tender care has been worth while with all of yours...

  2. good to have you back in Blogland. In the past I've killed many plants so yes it is lovely - I hadn't thought that I had 'saved' it. Looking at my old workplace there's a building where the garden was so that plant would have been a gonna. thanks for your post- i was feeling a bit morose today.x