Friday, 10 April 2009

tomato pricking out and flowers

My son chose these tulips and it's the third year they have reappeared. When it's sunny they open out into vivid yellow petals hiding their red underside but when it's overcast you get to see mainly dusky red. I love the contrasting colours/looks.

More pictures of the carmelia but this time the clematis behind is in flower. It's a Clematis alpina 'Pamela Jackman' and looks stunning in the dusk - it suddenly shines out - comes alive. After the flowers are gone, fluffy silvery seedheads take their place.

My broom is starting to bloom.

Last but not least I belive these are the fragrant daffodils my friend R gave me. Thanks again!!!

Managed to rehouse tomato seedlings in 3 inch pots though hurt my wrist snapping a chocolate bar to share between the kids (wouldn't have happened if I hadn't eaten the other bar of chocolate on the way home with it). Now have flowers to rehouse- next week will do. Sowed some courgettes as last year forgot to do it and accepted some off neighbour which turned out to be yellow - found colour much more pleasing than the taste of them. My cucumbers have germinated-hooorah!!!!


  1. All sounds lovely. My tomato shoots are growing like a house on fire. I thin them a little each day - it hurts so to throw away the littlest ones. I have now spread my basil over 3 pots and it looks like real basil, proper leaves and all. In an excess of enthusiasm I have put salvia into starter cups. Nothing yet, but, it's early days.....

  2. wow - i love salvia but have never grown it from seed. basil sounds like it's doing great. you can transplant the thinned tomatoes if you've got space (they are ok to move once have four leaves i think.) have a happy easter!