Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Writing,potions and plants

Have been working at the allotment this week as weather has been perfect for growing. Have been hoeing the weeds before they get too big. Sowed some carrots and moved a red currant bush. There are flowers coming hurrah - hopefuly will get my first taste of red currants since I was a child.
Blowsy tulip in my garden.

I feel so happy to have this now. In my teens I did my home work on this. It's my parent's old sewing machine and my new writing desk. Might even do some sewing with it once I fix the belt on it. My mate said a pair of tights would do the job. The machine folds neatly away inside and a panel covers the hole. Once I have oiled the top of it I can make the study corner in our bedroom instead of perching the old laptop on the blanket box. It really feels like things are coming together.
Kids were playing nicely outside. Wondered what was keeping them so happy and it was the potions they were making(one pictured). Girls were making a potion to keep the boy(my son) away and my boy was making one to keep girls away. Who says they don't play imaginatively. Though I was cursing when I found sludgy play sand at bottom.
My herb gaden is springing back to life.


  1. Looks loke a bucket full of fun, though...

  2. Your garden is coming along so beautifully. All my plants and seedlings are still inside. Until this week, overnight temperatures had been dipping below freezing. I particularly like the look of your herb garden. Using your incubator method I started sage seeds and now have 15 sweet little babies.

  3. Haven't seen this sewing machine in a while. Great keepsake.
    Happy gardening.

  4. Martha - thanks for lovely comments. Can't believe you still have freezing nights though we sometimes get frost again before end of May. Last year the frost got my plum blossom(and everyone elses locally) and there were no plums. this year fingers crossed looking ok. Very exciting to hear about your sage seedlings - that's bril.
    Keats the sunshine girl - welcome. nice to hear there are more like this one around she's a beauty-just realised the panel you remove to get machine out hooks onto end of machine and props up to extend table.