Thursday, 2 April 2009

sunny afternoon in my garden

I love my garden at the moment. These tulips have come up from the year before last. I like the red against the purple of the perenial wallflower. The wallflower was a present from my friends daughter and it has flowered continuously all seasons since I got it two years ago.

This is my parsley before I pricked out the seedlings and put them two to a 3 inch pot.

These chanomeles (spelling?) otherwise known as flowering quince are lovely can't wait till the climb up against the fence and cover it.

Oooh and this ribes is related to currant family but is just ornamental but flowers smell beautifully fruity and the colour is gorgeous as the bush is covered in these flowers this time of year.

Last but not least the forsythia that has grown on me. When I need a burst of sun I just stand under, look up and soak up the yellow.

This time of year my head is full of all the jobs that need doing. Poems I need to write, seeds to sow and potatoes to plant. My tomatoes germinated and have now got four leaves which means they need rehousing. Need to get some peat first and wash some more pots or I could stick them in toilet rolls. I got a poem accepted by Everday Poets - not up this month but will keep you posted. Very excited as will be my first ever payment for writing - I know it's only a dollar but it means a lot to me.


  1. I love your garden in all seasons. Always something to see. Well done for getting payment for your poem...I am very proud of

  2. thanks Tina very sweet of you. thanks for link to sunflower race.

  3. Your flowers and shrubs are lovely - and congrats for the Payment! I took a photocopy of my first (and only) £5 cheque for a poem, to prove I'd had one!
    And the thought of your spuds to come, is yummy!

  4. thanks jinksy - will miss your blogging while you are resting your eyes