Tuesday, 31 March 2009

migraine and fire

Ferns at end of garden -love the way they look when they unfurl.

Today started off a bit strangely. Bad nights sleep then trying to get right cereals in right coloured bowls. I know I shouldn't give in to the kids demands but I am not a morning person-I try and stay away from people as much as possible as I am liable to give in to anything till I wake up. I saw sparkly bits in my eyes. I am very queasy about my eyes- shortsighted since 9 years of age. I hoped I was imagining it but then I looked properly and C shapes curled round the edges of each eye and danced with the spangles of many stars. I phoned my husband on his mobile 7 times but he did not pick up. Managed to keep breakfasts rolling though i wanted to crawl off into a corner. Then they vanished. Just got back from doctor and he said it was a kind of migraine with visual aura but no headache. He asked if i'd ever had one before. I had one ten years ago which consisted of round orange circles with a sledgehammer headache on one side of my head. Hopefully it'll be another ten years before you get another. Circle then a C shape - maybe a message is being spelled to me .............hope it's not a long word.

In afternoon went to allotment and along with friend we had an appraisals and bindweed bonfire. Very satisfying all round. She got rid of her old unwanted work stuff and I my weeds.


  1. You should have your blood pressure checked. I was getting the sparkly bits and told the doctor I thought it was migraine. She did what she always does first and got out her cuff. Turned out my meds needed adjusting. No problems since.

  2. thanks - doctor checked my blood pressure and it was normal. He did other tests (eyes and coordination etc and asked loads of questions too.

  3. I keep missing your posts...I wonder why? This one made me laugh so much...sorry! I hope it isn't a long word too, can't wait to see what you are spelling....on a serious note, you know you can phone me if you get another and Husband doesn't pick up...mind you I am probably worse than him..but you get my point! Have found a great book...bought you one as I know you are going to love it!! When it arrives I will bring it over. It is late and I haven't spoken much today, can you tell...might go to Capel Manor tomorrow (Sunday). I am ramberling in public so I am off.xxxxx

  4. thanks -good to know you are there. did you make it to Capel Manor. Pop in for cup of tea if you haven't gone yet.See you soonxxx