Saturday, 28 March 2009

A new post on a new laptop

Finally I have made the transition to the new laptop and it's been pretty painless. It's so much faster than the old one. OOps spoke too soon - can't seem to add photos. Oh dear will try and describe them. Well in my garden now the forsythia is looking splendid. I can't believe I'm saying that as I don't really like it - I must be going soft. It's filled with yellow flowers which come before the leaves. You actually feel like you are covered in sunshine even on a grey day when you stand under it - it is that gloriously yellow. It warms. More daffodils are budding. I picked some from my allotment and there are at least four varieties there. My favourite has pale petals and a yellow heart deeping out to orange. It has gorgeous scent that greets me everytime I come back in the house. I'll really miss it when they fade. My parsley now has four leaves which means it's time to prick it out. Basically each seedling needs more room so it can grow. I put two seedlings in a cup filled with compost I got for mothers day whose ear got broken off even before I got it home. I put some broken crockery in the bottom of it to provide drainage. Need to pay my rent at allotment tomorrow and will get some more potatoes(Charlotte ones coz we love them). Have let kids stay up as they have made up a brilliant game and it doesn't seem right to stop them. Got a poem accepted by EveryDay Poets will let you know when it comes up. It will be my first ever payment for writing. It's only $1 but that'll be the best money I've ever earnt.
I got the go ahead from physio to start digging. Have to take it easy at first. Weather permitting hopefully can get started soon. Need to sort out when I'm going to write and when dig. Think it's all going to get a bit busy soon.

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