Monday, 9 March 2009

hellebores, sprouting seeds

Pictures of hellebores in my garden. The second photo is how they really look as they are very shy. Propped one up so you could see what the flowers look like.

I peeped through the polythene bag I had placed over the pot I'd sown my parsley seeds in and I could see GREEN. So I took the bag off and was very happy to see the parsley had sprouted. Parsley seeds are notoriously hard to germinate so was very pleased. Just have to wait till each seedling has four leaves then can prick each one out into its own pot.

My friend gave me some Physalis franchetii (Chinese lantern plants)- the flowers are gorgeous orange lanterns. The leaves are a bit nettle-looking but will excuse them that. I split and moved some arum plants -think i was meant to do that in autumn but they seem ti have survived.
Forgot to thank my friend Tina (see followers) for inspiring me to take the crocus photos last week. She took a brilliant photo of a crocus -you can find it under the post titled blue skies.


  1. Happy about your parsley seeds. My Basil which I put in pot last week is growing like its roots are on fire. I'm going to get more dirt this week and start my tomato seeds.

  2. Congrats on basil growing tremendously - maybe I'll do that next. Will do tomatoes and cucumbers soon too. I finally got round to washing my pots (i thought I had already done them but after searching high and low realised it was a dream.

  3. I have dreams like that!! I so love the chinese lantern plant...can't wait to see it.

  4. those dreams are unfair as leave you as tired as if you had done them.hope the lantern plant survives transplanting,