Sunday, 8 March 2009

one handed digging

Was feeling a bit sorry for myself yesterday as over did it using newly liberated hand. Also was suffering from sleep deprivation(poor daughter had temperature) so just could not motivate myself to do anything. Today kids were happy playing indoors so left them with hubby and went to allotment to have a look at plot and try and get my head round which plants were going where according to crop rotation scheme. I was quite reluctant to go as felt it would make me feel worse going there and not doing much. Slouched to my plot said hi to people on plot behind me then J called me over. Hadn't seen him in ages. He told be how he'd been doing up his shed at home and fallen into his pond- fortunately he managed to throw the electric drill he was holding onto solid ground before he reached the water. Then he showed me his new heater in his shed - all mod cons and asked what I was up to. Explained about my wrist and he said just say the word and i'll run the rotovator over your plot. What a lovely man! So with one hand and an extremely light fork I dug out the brussel sprouts and then cleared away bricks and bits of branches that had dropped off the magnificent oak next to my plot. I felt so much better after doing that - wished that I'd got there earlier and done more of it. Saw L on way out - he'd injured his leg so was good to see him up and about. I love chatting to him.

My broad beans (aquadulce)sown in November.

Daffodils on my recently acquired second plot. One of my predessors planted a thousand bulbs. It's going to look gorgeous -can't wait. The lovely shed isn't mine unfortunately. Mind you I already have a lovely shed on original plot so can't complain.

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