Saturday, 13 February 2010

Garden notes

Just the other day I was thinking that I can't post any more pictures of my garden as they will all be repeats. You see I started this blog this time last year when I broke my arm. (It was very useful at a frustrating time.) But then we went out into the garden and one of our many clematis, the winter flowering one had flowered for the first time since we planted it years ago. I ignored any suggestions that it should be pulled out and it has flowered!! I love the unpredictability about growing plants. The picture's a bit blurred but the clematis has lovely pink freckles.

My hellebore had lots of gorgeous pink buds waiting to open and shyly hang their heads.

My lovely mother in law brings us these massive containers of olive oil. Turned one into a pot which I crammed with anemones.

Colour already in the garden from the gorgeous camelia.
The winter jasmine only had a few yellow flowers and it turns out I'd missed it in full flower a few weeks before. Such a shame- I have no excuse as I am home every day.

I was so excited to see the snowdrops back again. So delicate - I love the way they tremble when you approach. (They probably tremble all the time.)


  1. How lucky you are to have so many flowers at this time of year. Must be a great garden...

  2. It's not a big garden but I love it and it always has at least one flower all the year round.

  3. ooh snowdrops. At last!

    And I love the olive oil container. So colourful.

  4. Nice to see you Lane and thank you. I'v got another container ready to convert...

  5. It's great to see old containers given a new life.

    Thanks for popping by my blog. Glad to have discovered yours. i miss my English garden with it's snowdrops - I must see if i can grow some here - though I have no idea when they would appear! I'm still in such a muddle with the seasons.

    Hope the book is beginning to blossom for you, too.

  6. Seeing your flowers cheered me. We are buried under the heaviest snowfalls in a 100 years, they say - and with more on the way. It's nor especially cold so I am able to go out every day and walk, but my camera died - so no piccies unfortunately.

    Happy your garden.

  7. Rachel -Thank you for popping in too. Thanks for encouragement with book. I am getting back in the swing of it.
    Martha- Lovely to see you -have missed your fab photos. Glad you vcan still go out. I am glad to see the back of the snow here though it was beautiful.

  8. I see you came visiting my corner of blogland - sorry you didn't get a slice of sponge though, but hope your baking went well! x

  9. cake did not rise as i curdled mixture-think i had butter too cold. put jam whipped cream between slivers of sponge and it was delicious.

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