Saturday, 13 February 2010

Great Wood Walk

Every Tuesday I go for a walk with my friend. We talk and walk - it's good for both of us. We are at home all day and it's amazing how easy it is to start feeling that your world ends at these four walls and to stop venturing out.

We stopped to look at patches of star shaped mosses - they twinkled with rain drops they'd caught. I feel really lucky to have this time - to not always be rushing about.

My daughter's birthday cake -second attempt - hoorah it rose this time. The one that didn't rise still tasted delicious sandwiched with whipped cream, jam and fresh strawberries.

After a period of writing little I have redrafted a poem and written bit more of my novel. I like the poem much better now but probabaly still needs more work.


  1. Your forest walk sounds delightful. We have so much snow that forest walking has become impossible.

    I'm happy to read that you are writing again. I look forward to reading the results.

  2. The snow we have had hasn't settled which makes me happy. It has been very muddy but have managed to squelch through.

  3. I love seeing your English blooms. I fight my jealousy as I continue writing about snow . . .again . . .and again. We have seen the ground today and yesterday but it should start snowing again this afternoon. Thank you for your winter climatis.

  4. having someone to walk with is nice - its double the fun. More to look forward to.

  5. wonderful.. walk, cake and writing, a perfect combination.. x

  6. Beyond the garden- Thanks for visiting! Hope the snow stops soon.
    Keats the sunshine girl - Yes you are right -it's lovely to have company
    Annie - thanks I thought so too!