Friday, 26 February 2010

Sowing seeds

The last two years I avoided sowing too many seeds early as I was worried about my lean-to being over-run with pots and trays. But when spring came around it got so very busy that I ended up with less leeks than I would have liked. Leeks are so beautiuful - their leaves a bluey green that is so calming. Also you don't have to hurry to harvest them - they can stay in the ground over winter which is very appealing when it all goes bonkers and there's so much to pick in summer and autumn(touch wood!).

Therefore am very happy that I have sown two diddy trays of leek seeds. They can be sown any time from January to March indoors. When they sprout they look like grasses and smell gorgeous (if you like leeks that is). I used an old strawberry container and a recycled half tray. The trays need to be very clean - miltons fluid will do the job well. I just washed these with washing up liquid - hopefully they'll be ok. The potting compost needs to be kept moist. The seeds are tiny and need to be planted half a centimetre deep. Now I just need to wait. The seedlings then needed to be gradually hardened off about early April, then they are teased out and the individual tiny leeks are dropped into a hole made with a big dibber (make the hole about the girth of a mature leek) and then watered. Do not fill the hole with soil. Now isn't that weird! I'll explain it again when I actually do it.


  1. You make me think I should be organising a trip to the DYI centre for 'stuff'. I won't do tomatoes again this year, but lot's more herbs. They grew beautifully and I was able to save a lot by freezing.

    Happy spring - WILLL come I hope

  2. If only I had windowsills - let alone a garden!

  3. I like leeks and they smell good to eat too!

  4. Martha - I was very envious of your herbs last year so that sounds like a great idea.
    jinksy - you are welcome in my blog garden anytime
    Keats the sunshine girls- yes they are lovely.

  5. I'm very impressed, of course, I don't know what I'm doing with it only being my first year on the allotment, I have bought seeds but have no idea when to plant them. Today I'm off to buy some potting compost so I can plant sweetpeas (I plan to grow them up the fence at the end of the allotment), but no idea what's next!

  6. It's my third year and I still have to look stuff up. Sweet peas - that sounds lovely. I just collected my seed order from the allotment shop. I had forgotten I ordered aubergine ...about which i know nothing- it's such an adventure!