Sunday, 3 May 2009


Yesterday the kids planted some pumpkin seeds from Ukraine. They are doing an experiment to see if they will grow as enormous in England as they do there. They were engrossed for ten minutes. Don't laugh that's a lot better than previous years.
Today we went to the bluebell woods (Dockey Woods, Ashridge Estate). We weren't very confident that we would find it ok as our Navigator has died- hopefully she can be revived but we didn't have the right equipment in the car to try. We spent a long time driving through lovely countryside waiting for a roundabout that never appeared. Seems I had somehow got us on the wrong road. Anyway after nearly attending a classic car show (beautiful old cars and fire engine by the way)we made it!! And what was even better there was an icecream van so the kids even stopped moaning. It was quite busy but that did not interfere with the beauty and serenity of the place. There were mishaped tree stumps that turned into horses for the kids to ride and a tepee of branches leant against a tree(as you can see below).

It really was a calming and beautiful place.

I loved the lime green and bluey purple going on here.


  1. Quite dazzling colours, the blue and the lime green.
    Am pretty sure the kids enjoyed the horse play with the tree stumps and the tepee.

  2. Lovely photos - I love it when the forest is carpeted with flowers, right now we have tiny whites almost everywhere, but I'm frustrated that my photos don't show things the way I want them to.

    Ukrainian pumpkins - there better be documentation of that.

  3. Keats the sunshine girl (i love your name)the kids did love it. Good to be outside

    Martha- thanks glad you liked them. I love white flowers - I know what you mean sometimes the camera just can't capture what you are seeing. I was so happy that the lime green and purple one turned out how I wanted it - the leaves started moving so I was worried it was ruined but it made it better. Yes I hope the Uki pumpkins do well as you are not the only one. Just hope I don't mislay a pumpkin like I did last year only to have it explode in my lean-to...

  4. Beautiful photos of Bluebell wood.....must get to making a bluebell range of beads..xxxxx

  5. yes that would be gorgeous- look forward to seeing them.xxxx