Friday, 1 May 2009

let it grow

My friend and I left our kids to their own devices in the front room and this is what they got up to. It was so cute that they had made a bus for their 'mens' as they like to call them. They got round not being able to bend the red head to sit by giving her a side bed on the bus. Good improvisation.

Took new friend I met at poetry workshop to my allotment and she helped to hoe and said lots of nice things about my plot.

Onions and garlic are growing well as are the broad beans, strawberries and cabbages. It was so lovely to be at liberty to spend time outside in the sunshine in such a peaceful place.


  1. Your garden looks delicious - so full of promise. Isn't spring wonderful?

  2. yes spring is wonderful. will be made dash to plant seeds in couple of weeks - am waiting in case they is a late frost. we have had frost a couple of mornings lately.

  3. enjoy the fruits of your labour and love!

    when kids play, we learn so many things from them.

  4. You are right - they amke you look at things anew again.