Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Poorly tomatoes

Tragedy -the tomatoes aren't looking too good. I don't know what's wrong with them! Husband thinks I have overwatered them - which is a first for me as I usually forget to water stuff. There is moss growing on compost which is an indicator of too much water(isn't it??). My courgettes and cucumbers seem ok as i keep forgetting to water them.
I entered a writing competition a while ago on the net and was rather disappointed to find I had not won. I got to the first round - which is better than I've ever done before but I do feel rather deflated as I was convinced this was the one. Oh well back to the blank page. Happy writing and gardening everyone!


  1. Keep writing and I'm sure it'll get better. That's the satisfaction and your reward. That's the way to go!

  2. thank you for your encouragement - so nice of you. i will keep writing.

  3. Ah, moss on the compost. I'd better lay off the watering of some of my seedlings then.
    Always disappointing not to get placed further in comps. Just keep on plugging away:-)

  4. Not sure if it's overwatering that the problem as watered them less and started to look more pathetic. Have put two into a bigger pot with new soil to see if they perk up.
    Thank's for encouragement - keep reminding myself it happens to all writers.

  5. Non illegitimus corabundum. I'm lucky if 1 out of every 10 - 15 of the things I submit is accepted. Don't give up - just keep going. All of the writers I know who are starting to have work published struggled through a long valley of rejection and discouragement.
    (OK, Martha - now take your own advice.)

  6. splendid advice. I keep telling myself this but it's so much nicer to hear it from others. Thanks:> you keep going too. there's a competion on - story that has to be completely written as a dialogue.