Saturday, 9 May 2009


Yipee - looks like one of my poems will be on EverydayPoets next month. Complete strangers will get to comment on it. I'm up for it!
Saturday had a good evening at a fundraiser at my son's school. It was a karoake evening and yes I'm afraid I did sing and dance a little. Would have danced more but my son was mortified. I was far too self conscious at his age to care what my parents were doing.
Went to the allotment today and sowed my parsnips. I used a dibbler to make holes 6 inches apart and put a soil and peat mix into the hole to provide a easier medium for the parsnips to grow in - did the same for my carrots as we have clay soil which makes it hard work for root veg.
Here's my kale. In February my mother-in-law told me that if you snap off the tops then you get lots of flowering shoots. Before they open into flowers you can eat them like broccoli (delicious). Just don't let it flowere or it will stop producing new shoots.
Potatoes came up a couple of weeks ago -wasn't expecting them so fast. My father-in-law did a grand job.
Daughter's forgotten dresses
danced all day and night
quickly drying under
the bright blue sky


  1. Congratulations on placing your poem. THAT is good news. Your garden is looking ...very ...edible. I think you are going to have a good food summer.

  2. thanks martha will hopefully post harvest pictures as fruit /veg ripen.

  3. Well done! Write more and be inspired.
    Have a good day.

  4. thank you!! have a great weekend.:>