Sunday, 24 May 2009

day out

Had a day out to Myddleton House a few days ago. This structure was in the middle of a wisteria glad pergola. Kids loved running around it and hiding from each other. Later the kids found a gentle slope to roll down but my friend complained that they weren't doing it with the same abandon she'd done it with as a child. So there followed a ten minute lesson from me and my friend on how to roll down the hill. It didn't half make me dizzy. Why do you seem to get dizzier as you get older or is it coz you do less dizzy inducing things? There were lots of different types of irises. I love them they look like they are dancing.

Here's the photo of the currants- my husband's friend gave us them and he can't remember if they are red or black currants. So here goes currant watching.

It's been really hot in London so naturally I have caught a cold!! At the allotment I have sown dwarf french beans and we have been doing weeding, weeding and more weeding.


  1. Lovely pictures - I'd love to see photos of irises. That's one I can't grow on my balcony. I'm glad your garden is coming along well. We FINALLY are having summer-like weather

  2. hoorah glad you the sun is shining on your island. I wish I had photographed the irises but too busy chasing children.

  3. Gosh that's weird. I was only thinking the other day about how we used to roll down hills. Steep ones too. I couldn't do it now though!

  4. i think my friend was being a bit hard on the kids coz they are only 3 and 4 and I think we were about 8 or nine when we rolled down steep hills ones really fast.

  5. I just visited yesterday, but the irises were over .. loved the rose garden, though, and this lovely centrepiece(think it said it was the old Enfield Market cross?)

    I wish there had been some kids there when we went, because it was awfully quiet and we took my 4 month old boy (who isn't quiet at all!). He had a great time looking at the trees and leaves and grass.