Sunday, 31 May 2009

Poetry, digging and sunny day out

Yipppeee my poem is finally coming up on Everyday poets on the 4th June. It's called British Museum - there's a bit where people can score the poem out of five so that's going to be nerve racking.

Sunday we went to Kew Gardens. These Alium's buds look amazing and they haven't opened yet. Makes me smile to think they are in the same family as onions and leeks.

These Aliums were in the bed next door to the ones above. You can get months of flowering Aliums by choosing different types.

.This bridge is so deceptively simple and beautiful. I like the way people's shadows walk beside them along the bridge.

Me and hubby had a whole afternoon and day while my sister had the kids and we spent it at the allotment. It was hard earthing up the potaoes in the hot sun but we did it! We also built a structure for the beans to grow up - must take a photo of it. The my sickly tomatoes I repotted look great now. I think my friend was right that by overwatering I had leached all the nutriants out of the soil.


  1. Ready for it? I bet you're excited about your debut.
    I think I have to try and visit Kew Gardens when I go to the UK next. It's been a long time since I had a wander.

  2. excited and nervous! it costs more to get into kew nowadays but is worth it i think.