Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Alternative universe

See above photo of chitting potatoes.
Did nothing garden related today as had to go up the hosipital to have my plaster changed. This involved sitting in a series of six queues and time took on a whole new meaning. Met some nice people. got a blue plaster. when i got back into the outside world it was all a bit fast for me as it was all runnng on normal speed which seemed really fast after the hospital. no time for usual 10 cups of tea so have accidentally detoxed- it hurts.

Was thinking about container gardening for people with limited space. Runner beans, dwarf or climbing french beans in pots. herbs and garlic in pots, tomatoes in pots or hanging baskets(cone shaped ones better as deeper slower to dry out). Whatever you choose make sure you like eating it. Runner beans flowers look lovely so can train them up fences etc. If you prefer french beans to runners then chose a climbing french variety.

Going to try writing something for MuseMugger community I have joined


  1. How comes you had to have a blue plaster put on?

    Got me thinking about container growing.....

  2. i chose blue. they are fibre glass and come in a range of colours. i can't move so well in it-it's getting on my nerves getting paranoid fingers are gonna fall off.
    if you like french beans i think you should have a go. don't go in till spring so you've got time. hope M. foot getting better x