Monday, 16 February 2009

sun, plastic and onions

Loved the sun today. Hubby and kids on holiday so we all went to the science museum. Great exhibition of plastic - how can something so wrong look so great. There were massive ribbons of red plastic hanging down and kids chased each other through it like it was some weird forest. There was a big sign that scientists are trying to find a way to make plastic out of plants so it can biodegrade I suppose. Then we headed out to Hyde park lovely winter sun so delicate. Lots of walking and tea and biscuits - perfect day.
Too muddy for digging still- maybe ill dry out during the week. Need to get some onion sets as can start planting them now. These are the type of onions you can store. Wonder if it's too late to get some raspberry canes. We all really love them and have been planning for two years to get some but not got round to it yet....
Need to do a bonfire at the allotment have lots of bindweed roots to get rid of. I love the smell of fires. Round here you can only have fires from end October to end of March or is it the 1st -better get on with it anyway. Saw some cherry blossom the other day in someone's front garden - that can't be right can it?!

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