Wednesday, 11 February 2009

no not crop rotation yet

Sorry have had a busy day today - had two social engagements in one day. Rarely does this happen. Yes - once upon a time i went to work and had to talk to people all day but that was a long time ago. I need some quiet and sleep before I am able to talk about crop rotation.

However I did go in my garden again. Judging by the squelchy sound underfoot I should have aerated my own lawn instead of just doing my friend's. The Clematis armandii has lots of buds which is great as it didn't flower much last year. This was all the more galling coz I bought my friend one at the same time and she kept telling me how well hers was doing and that it had flowered three times during the year and it's only meant to flower once!! It's a great clematis as it has lovely glossy big leaves and is evergreen. There are also signs of daffodils coming up. It was good to sit in the sun and listen to the birds singing. I wrapped a blanket round me. I had done some writing so deserved a break.


  1. You have signs of spring on the way. I am envious. We have snow! - again. Not enough to cause problems. I will still walk into town to get my Rivendell miles, but I am so ready for spring.

  2. I loved your pictures of your walk the arches so inviting. we've had a tiny bit more snow too. it's like spring is teasing us as it is still cold. i can't wait for it as well. hope u had a lovely walk today.