Saturday, 7 February 2009

snowdrops, winter jasmine and dreaming of seed sowing

Had a good dance to Daft Punk in my kitchen. Set me up for the day. Wrapped up and ventured into the garden and here are pictures of my finds.

Carmelia buds
red nosed
And eager for spring

snowdrops hidden
till cover blown
by intrepid sun

Last rays of winter jasmine thanks for your brightness
in the dark winter

You can start sowing tomato seeds if you are going to grow them indoors- for outdoor tomatoes I'd wait till mid to late March before sowing. I did tumbling tomates year before last and was impressed. Last year Red Alert did well but italian plum ones did not do that well as not enough sun but the ones i did get made lovely sauce. Tomorrow will share pictures of snowy allotment as finally made it today with my family!!!!Hoorah!

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