Wednesday, 25 February 2009

hold on it's coming

Even though it's a grey day you can still feel spring coming. It's a bit warmer than before and there's that excitement of things to come that are just waiting under the surface. I always loved autumn but love spring too now especially as lately our warmest sunniest weather has been in the spring.
I love the the purple of these crocus -looks like silk. They have shut up till the sun comes. Funny how flowers do that. I wonder why.

I know it looks a mass of dead twigs but i love it. Hard to believe in a few months time it should be a mass of leaves and pale pink flowers. I love this Clematis montana -it's transformed the view from my kitchen.

Had to stop blogging for a minute as barefoot children appeared and had to investigate-

Barefoot children
paddling in impromptu

not wee thankfully. I have turned into a door that the kids are knocking on so bye for now.


  1. Thinks - at what height is your letterbox, and where is your doorknocker?!

  2. my letter box is just above my feet and I have no doorknocker so the kids just bang on the wood with the flat of their hands

  3. "I have turned into a door that the kids are knocking" Oh my gosh that is a quotable quote, for sure!

    Love the crocus deep purple.

  4. thanks - might reappear in a poem someday ;)