Friday, 27 February 2009

Tomatoes in the Big Issue

For those of you reading in Britain the Big Issue (a magazine sold by and to help homeless people) has a guide on growing tomato seeds this week so buy it if you get a chance. It also has a fascinating piece on people who plant veg and fruit in public places so anyone can benefit from them.
I have had some pea casualties. I planted them out before the snows and put them under plastic tubs which were too flimsy as let cold in. I have put some pea seeds in existing pots of shrubs and will see if they germinate.
Here's my hexagon of herbs. The long stick things are the bronze fennel that has died back. I like chewing the seeds - they are anaseed flavoured- good for stomach upsets. The bay is in the middle and golden marjoram behind it. The golden margoram is low at the moment but will bush back up lovely and goldy limey coloured. Lemon balm on left needs cutting back and it spreads like made but the bees love it so good for encouraging insects in to pollonate the plants. You can't see the purple sage but it's they - lovely colour when it gets going.
Lavender on left - I love it. Some people use it with lamb instead of rosemary. On right of lavender is the rosemary - lovely with lamb and in stews.


  1. Your herbs look lovely. Without a garden I can only hope for more success this year - with your guidance - growing herbs in pots.

  2. Thank you:).good luck- it's fun trying. the first year my parsley all died outside the second year two lived in pots and were usuable so hopefully this year will have enough to give away.