Monday, 9 February 2009


Can sow peas now if you like - just check packet to see which variety ok to sow now. They need some cover this time of year as it's a bit cold for them. If you are sowing outside make sure the ground isn't frozen or too wet. Once you sow them cover with cloches - can be bought or make some at home using old plastic drinks bottles cut off tops so you can push them in over over seeds(make sure you know where you put seeds). Or easier still start peas off at home. Collect old toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes cut in half. Find an old plastic container to stand them up in. Can use packaging from fruit etc as long as have enough height to stop tubs falling over. Fill tubes to 5 cm short of top with multipurpose compost put couple seeds in each one then cover with compost nearly to top then water them. In late March you can plant them out - no need to remove tubes they will rot away. I have containers in the garden and like to put the peas in with the shrubs then they can climb up them for support(not sure if this is good for shrub but mine have been happy so will carry on regardless). Otherwise you need to put twigs in -twiggy banches of hazel suppose to be very good as they help keep the birds away. Peas need protection from them straight away so use above, or short stakes or plastic mesh. Harvest peas regularly otherwise they stop cropping. Pea roots are great as they fix nitogen so leave them in the ground after harvesting.


  1. Hi
    Can I use that toilet roll trick with cherry tomato seeds? I only have a west facing balcony and I thought I'd try to grow cherry tomatoes in hanging containers to maximise the sun they get

  2. good point -you certainly can. to get seeds to germinate put whole container with toilet rolls in a clear plastic bag blow into it and tie it up like a balloon(you have made a propagator) and leave till seeds germinate then open and get rid of bag. when they are a decent height then you just stick the toilet roll and plant into waiting basket. The deeper the basket the better-retains moisture better. keep compost moist not waterlogged at all times. remember tomatoes aren't hardy so don't put them outside till all danger of frost has past. oh i got a bit carried away - excuse me if you already know most of this. nice to see u again.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. No I didn't know most of that but will take it on board as I start planning my balcony garden. Like the home grown propagator