Monday, 23 February 2009

sunny saturday

wasn't saturday gorgeous? my in-laws came to visit and i took them to the allotment. as my arm is still plastered i couldn't do much but thanks to the sun there were plenty of allotmenteers to catch up with. my father in law kindly barrowed lots of manure to my second plot while i chatted to fellow allotment holders that I hadn't seen in ages. learnt that you came start off leeks in pots inside so that you can get a crop of leeks earlier and also give them more chance to get thicker. last year wasn't a sunny summer so leeks bit weedier than should otherwise have been.
One gentlemen had followed the advice given on gardeners world by an allotment holder to plant onions in lines at the top of mounded up earth and they seem to be doing better than the ones not planted in this manner. so energising to be out in the fresh air in the sun and so frustrating not to be able to dig! never mind my father in law has volunteered to come back and dig.

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